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Protecting your values

slide this up New AI experiments is a new site where you can soon get predictions on Danish houses, apartments and summer houses. Historical data is available now down to zip code level.

slide this up EU Regulatory Technology is a 24/7 Software as a Service (SaaS) that super efficiently produce EU required investment product documents for the investment product industry.

More than 15 asset management firms are being serviced, producing EU legally required documents in more than 10 different languages. various portfolio analytics

(1) We use machine learning and AI in our virtual assistant (a chatbot) for all people investing, try it today at The aim is to make it available through mobile phones. The project has been at a hold while we made but is soon revived.

(2) We have developed a unique 24/7 Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for financial portfolio risk management where so-called stochastic differential equations are specified as mathematical symbolic equations - these become immediately available for analytics once specified. A given legal organisation (e.g. your company) is specified in a tree, also allowing for cross-holdings and part-ownerships, such that financial risk is correctly measured everywhere in the organisation (tree). It is a generic solution allowing for all financial products to be included.

However we have decided to scrap the stochastic analytic models and concentrate on new AI models instead, therefore new solutions are upcoming instead of the old. We are currently working on AI models for and will thereafter work on the financial markets AI models - the two projects complement each other.

Come back later or write to us now if you are interested in: analysing trading price patterns, for financial decision-support, risk management, dynamic reporting, regulatory issues and more.

It is Fintech

We provide innovative software, services and solutions for businesses and people.

We enable you to protect and grow your money wealth, whether as a business or as an individual.

We engage directly in research and development, often with university partners, and by utilising superior computer & data science technologies, finance, statistics and mathematics. We have a wide variety of software that can be packaged and used in many different ways.


  • Financial analytics for businesses and people
  • Products include stocks, bonds, foreign exchange rates, futures, options, housing prices etc
  • We develop analytics and visualizations
  • We use a lot of data ("big data"), no-sql and sql database technologies
  • Machine learning / AI is used
  • Examples of new techniques are: deep and wide neural networks, scalable cloud tools & implementations for machine learning
  • Main services include: financial price/value forecasting cloud software
  • Virtual assistant for financial portfolio price/value forecasting (think weather service)
  • Packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs), UCITS KIID and MiFID II document services, in the Wealthtech & Regtech space
  • Home price predictions using AI