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Now also for Mathematica 9

Innovative Securities and Derivatives Analysis

Bookmark Derivatives Expert IV is a comprehensive, fully integrated suite of consistent functions for easily doing complex financial analysis and engineering for exchange and over-the-counter (OTC) traded securities and derivatives. Derivatives Expert fills a unique niche in the market for high-end financial analysis tools by providing financial engineers with an easy-to-use desktop environment for exploring, prototyping, and testing financial models without the programming overhead of larger, less-integrated systems. This environment makes Derivatives Expert an indispensable tool for all serious financial analysts whether quants, traders, investment bankers, portfolio managers, treasurers, financial consultants, risk managers or academics.


Bookmark Derivatives Expert and Mathematica combine to provide a full range of financial analysis tools, enabling users to become productive quickly and optimally. The latest version of Derivatives Expert provides over 500 objects, functions etc. This time-saving program now also includes many functions for simulating prices (valuing) and simulating price paths (valuing over time) whether uni-dimensionally (one security or derivative) or multi-dimensionally (many securities or derivatives) taking into correlations into account. Extensive specialized packages are included for bonds, mortgage backed obligations, floaters, forwards, swaps, and options. To ensure that users are supported from the very beginning, Derivatives Expert includes extensive online documentation spanning hundreds of pages that provides background material, exact function descriptions and definitions, a user's guide, a reference manual, and detailed programming examples.

Flexible and extensible.

Bookmark Building on the clean, consistent, and modular design of the Mathematica programming language, Derivatives Expert provides a uniquely flexible environment for customizing functions and doing modern financial engineering. The focus in Derivatives Expert is not only on single financial products but rather on the construction of a framework containing a wide variety of financial instruments in a unified way. As a result, it is easy for users to mix & blend the functions of Derivatives Expert, to expand the system with new functionality (fx. new financial instruments) using the extensive functionality within the Derivatives Expert - Mathematica environment.

Bookmark As a 100% compatible Mathematica application package Derivatives Expert can be combined with other packages such as Link-for-Excel to create your individual custom-designed solutions.

Also for large IT deployments

Bookmark All the strengths of Mathematica for large IT deployments are directly available for utilization for users of Derivatives Expert: This includes but is not limited to distribution of pricing calculations to several computers, connecting to multiple databases, connecting to market data sources, web-integration etc. In other words Derivatives Expert can be used in production environments of academic institutions or financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies.

Target audience

Bookmark Examples of the target audience for Derivatives Expert are Financial analysts whether quants, traders, investment bankers, bankers, insurance people, portfolio managers, treasurers, financial consultants, risk managers or academics and students.

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