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What is RiskButler.com?

RiskButler.com is for businesses & people who wish to understand and manage their financial risks the best known way.

RiskButler.com is a new 24/7 Software as a Service (SaaS).

Why use RiskButler.com?

Financial value changes can be considerable and have profound consequences for people, companies and society.

Reduce financial surprises with RiskButler.com.

Protect and stay in control of your financial wealth.

What does RiskButler.com actually do?

Think about it as a weather report for financial wealth.

The calculation method used in RiskButler.com is the same method that is today used by the largest global financial institutions for their own internal portfolio risk management.

The method itself is rather complicated but simply said it simulates millions of likely future outcomes for your financial portfolio value, and uses those calculated outcomes to estimate different relevant numbers:

One such calculation is the probability of losing 10 percent within the next 100 days, and the calculation can be made for an entire holding company and down to a single transaction.

Do as the world's biggest investors


According to The Economist, December 7’th 2013, BlackRock (www.blackrock.com), an asset-management company that is the world’s biggest investor, has a system called Aladdin which predicts future values of financial portfolios using a Monte Carlo method. The system is maintained by 2000 employees and is partly financed by user fees of the amount USD 400m.

RiskButler.com uses the Monte Carlo method: Use RiskButler.com.

It does Market risk (commodity, equity, FX, interest rate, volatility*) and Counterparty credit risk (CCR) default risk.

RiskButler.com is also designed for portfolio Performance measurement and attribution*.

Implement a Limit Management Framework and use RiskButler.com to calculate the lower and upper limits i.e. risk/chance of breaching a given monetary limit over a certain time horizon.

Follow and measure the CCR towards your clients or counterparties. CCR follows Basel III rules of the so-called Internal Model Method (IMM), thus the most sophisticated method in the regulations of financial institutions.


Who can benefit?

In its simplest use there is one User and one financial position.

The most complex User may be a global corporation that has many legal companies, subsidiary companies, branches and departments: This can be modelled in RiskButler.com which has a highly sophisticated grouping method.

Organisations that manage client portfolios, provide advice, audit, teach/research or regulate can benefit.

Also, Financial institutions can license RiskButler.com to service their clients better.

How is RiskButler.com used?

Load the transactions/positions/portfolios into RiskButler.com and make predictions and calculations. RiskButler.com returns results as numbers, diagrams and reports.

Technically, RiskButler.com is fully intranet/internet-based.

Next step?

Read more about RiskButler.com: here.

Business: Please contact us so we can present RiskButler.com and we can get a chance to understand your business. From that point an optimal solution can be provided for your business - this can be a simple process!

Private individual: You may sign-on here. Please note that this is an old version - please stay tuned for a new improved service for individuals!