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Introducing Risk Butler

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Risk Butler is a 24/7 online web service to make and manage predictions of future value fluctuations of financial portfolios.

It provides decision-support and risk management of financial portfolios.

Risk Butler typically uses millions of Monte Carlo simulations, a statistical method, to make the predictions.

Risk Butler provides ease-of-use and ease-of-understanding through visualisations of information: chance-of-profit, risk-of-loss and other statistics. Graphical presentation of results is a key feature.

The diagram is an example that illustrates the chance of getting a profit of at least 10 percent in 30 days for a range of equities. The individual areas and colors of the circles denote the chances i.e. the largest circle represents the equity most likely to return a profit of 10 percent within the next 30 days.

Risk Butler is social*, enabling users share, copy and comment portfolios.

A financial portfolio may include all kinds of products that are sufficiently liquid e.g. equities (shares), foreign exchange (FX), bonds*, mortgage backed obligations*, swaps*, and forwards/futures & options.

Communication is encrypted, and portfolios can be kept private on your preferred device.

Risk Butler only requires an internet browser and an internet connection, and is built using the newest technologies such as html5, css3, cloud computing and map-reduce type storage suitable for Big Data analysis.

Use any device: Computer, laptop, iPad/tablet or mobile phone.

Risk Butler is patent pending, currently Beta and free to use.

*) Functionality not yet fully integrated or finalised.

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Do as the world's biggest investors

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According to The Economist, December 7’th 2013, BlackRock (, an asset-management company that is the world’s biggest investor, has a system called Aladdin which predicts future values of financial portfolios using a Monte Carlo method. The system is maintained by 2000 employees and is partly financed by user fees of the amount USD 400m.

Risk Butler uses the Monte Carlo method and is very simple to use: Use Risk Butler.

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Who can benefit?

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All entities and private individuals that have financial portfolios.

In its simplest use there is one User and one financial position.

However, a global entity may have many legal companies, daugther companies and branches: This can easily be modelled in Risk Butler which has a highly sophisticated grouping method.

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